7 Custom WebLogic Server Classes

This chapter describes how to monitor startup and shutdown classes. Startup and shutdown classes are Java programs that you create to provide custom, system-wide services for your applications. You add the classes to the WebLogic Server class path and then configure them to load and run when a server instance starts or shuts down.


If you are logged into a domain partition, navigate from the Domain Partition menu.

This chapter includes the following section:

Monitor startup and shutdown classes

To monitor startup and shutdown classes:

  1. From the WebLogic Domain menu, select Environment, then select Startup & Shutdown Classes.

    The Startup and Shutdown classes table displays information about the startup and shutdown classes that have been configured in the current domain, such as:

    • Name

    • Type

    • Class Name

    • Targets

    • Deployment Order

    • Arguments

    For more information about these fields, see Configuration Options.

    Optionally, select View to access the following table options:

    • Columns: add or remove the columns displayed in the table

    • Detach: detach the table (viewing option)

    • Sort: sort the columns in ascending or descending order

    • Reorder: change the order of the columns displayed

    • Query by Example