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Event Management


Note: The Event Module is required to carry out event processes. This feature in included in the Standard and Enterprise Eloqua trims. Contact your account representative for more information.

Using Events

Eloqua Event Management simplifies the process of marketing event registration.

The goals of implementing an event are to:

Some of the best practices for setting up events are:

Examples of Events

The Event Management functionality brings together the different functionality of the Eloqua application together so that the user can create an Event, but still have access to the advanced features from other Eloqua modules. Here are some examples of Events that you can set up with the Eloqua application.

Simple Event

Complex Event

Examples of Associated Emails

Email Invitation Example

Email Confirmation Example

Follow-Up Email Example

There are two types of follow-up emails:

  1. For those who attend the event.
  2. For those who missed the event.

The benefits of using a follow-up email are that it allows you to gather feedback and uncover additional opportunities, and that the follow-up can be transitioned back to the appropriate salesperson.

The Role of Forms

Eloqua's form tracking and processing provides a rich link between web traffic and sales interest. By making it easy for either sales or marketing professionals to quickly create, deploy, and process forms on the company website or sent in emails, sales and marketing organizations are now able to improve the response to campaigns, promotions, and offers.

Powerful forms can be created quickly and easily using Eloqua's form creation toolkit without any knowledge of HTML. Eloqua provides a simple graphical interface to create and implement fully-featured forms layout, whether for a newsletter registration, an information request, or a sign-up for a webinar. The finished form can either be hosted on your website or Eloqua microsite or sent directly to prospects in an HTML email.

Once a form has been created, the Eloqua application provides the ability to quickly and easily add "processing" functionality, the ability to do things with the incoming data. Using the simple graphical interface, a broad range of options can be configured, including:


Copying an event

Creating an add to calendar feature for events

Creating a new event

Creating a new registrant

Creating a webinar

Deleting an event

Editing an event

Managing unmapped registrants

Searching for registrants

Setting up value choices

Updating event registrations using form processing steps

Uploading registrants

Viewing and managing event reports

Viewing registrants

Accessing events


Event management FAQs

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