Adding picklists to forms

To add a picklist to a form:

  1. Navigate to Assets An image of the Assets icon, which is represented by a black pencil., then click Forms.
  2. Open an existing form, or create a new one.
  3. Click Custom Fields on the left toolbar, then click Multiple Picklist.

    The picklist field is added to the form canvas.
  4. Click the picklist that you added, then click An image of the Field Settings icon. in right panel to open the Field Settings tab.

  5. Click Select a List.
  6. Click the picklist from the list. Review the options as they are displayed on the right panel, then click Select.

    Tip: You can also create a picklist from this window by clicking An image of the Add button. in the left pane. Then name your picklist and click An image of the Add button. in the right pane to add the picklist options.

  7. Click Save.



Creating picklists