How do I get my log files?

If you need to send your log files and device information to someone for support purposes or other reasons, you can send the information from your device.

  1. Tap Slide-out navigation button in the action bar to open the slide-out navigation, and tap Settings icon Settings.
  2. Under About, tap Oracle Social Network.
  3. Tap Email Device Information.
  4. Optionally, add a description or information about why you're sending the logs.
  5. Tap Email.
  6. Select the method you want to use to send the logs:
    • Email—If necessary, set up your email account. Enter the email address to send the logs to.

    • Messaging—Enter the number you want to send the logs to. Enter a message, then send the text.

    • Oracle Social Network—Tap Select Destination. Select a Conversation to post the logs to. Optionally, add a description. Tap Upload.