How is the social network accessible?

You can use your keyboard to navigate your social network. To see a list of keyboard shortcuts, make sure focus is in the social network area of your application, and press the question mark key (?). For more information, see What keyboard shortcuts are available to the social network?


  • To navigate between list items and messages, use up and down arrow keys.

  • To navigate into the elements of a listed item, like a Conversation, press Shift+Enter.

  • To manage flags in the Manage Flags pop-up, press Enter to assign or change a flag, or press Delete to clear a flag.

  • When you press Esc to close a dialog, focus moves to the button used to open the dialog, even if you used a keyboard shortcut to open the dialog.


  • The supported screen reader browser is Mozilla Firefox 26 or later with the latest version of your screen reader software.

  • If you use a Mac, by default Tab moves to the next object that isn't a link. Therefore, to move to the next tappable element, you must use Option+Tab or change your browser preferences to switch the behavior.