How do I change my notifications settings, preferences, and conference settings?

You can configure settings in Oracle Social Network to personalize your experience:

  • Notifications let you know when certain events occur in Oracle Social Network, like when someone flags you, or when someone clears a flag that you have set. You can set up your notifications to send emails just for the events you're interested in.

  • Use preferences to customize your Oracle Social Network experience, like your interface language and date format.

  • You can enter your conference account information so that when you join a conference you don't have to enter the information each time.

To configure your settings:

  1. Click your user name at the top of Oracle Social Network, then click Settings.
  2. Use the settings under Notifications to:
    • Confirm your email address where notifications will be sent. If it's incorrect, change it yourself if you can or, if the email address is not editable, inform your administrator.

    • Select which events you want to be notified about.

      Note: You are always notified when a Please Reply - Urgent flag is assigned to you.

    • Select whether you want a daily email summary of all the activity in your Conversations.

    • Set your desired time and date stamp format.

  3. Use the settings under Preferences to:
    • Change your interface language or date format.

      If you change the primary language, all the buttons, labels, and so on are changed to the language you choose. The things you supply, like messages and documents, are in the language used when you posted the message or when the file was created.

    • Specify whether to use the Enter key or the Post key to post messages.

    • Control whether you see a message every time someone joins or leaves a Conversation.

    • Mark all messages in every Conversations as read, so you don't have to do it on a Conversation-by-Conversation basis.