How do I post a message?

  1. Open the Messages tab of the Conversation or the Wall tab of the wall.

    For walls, there is a text box at the top of the wall. For Conversations, there is a text box at the bottom of the Conversation.

    Note: If you don't see the text box at the top of a person's wall, you aren't following the person or the person doesn't allow other people to post to his or her wall.

  2. In the text box, type your message.

    Formatting options are available beneath the text box to help you; hover over the icons to see what they do.

    To remove formatting, click Remove formatting icon. To remove only some of the formatting, select text before clicking Remove formatting icon.

    If you plan to write a long message (or find that the message becomes long while typing), click Note editor icon to open the Note Editor, which provides even more formatting controls, plus a roomy text area.

    Tip: When you type a hashtag (#) and at least one letter, you see suggestions of hashtags that other people have used. For more information on hashtags, see What are hashtags (#) and how do I use them?

  3. Click Post or press Enter, depending on how you set up your Preferences (see How do I change my preferences?).