What are hashtags (#) and how do I use them?

You can use a hashtag (#) in a message to call out a meaningful term or topic, making it easy to find all content associated with that term or topic. For example, imagine discounts is a popular topic in your group, but the discounts can come in the form of dealer incentives, cash-back deals, seasonal discounts, or any other number of forms. How do you find what everyone is saying about all those things? You use a hashtag. Every time you or your colleagues say something about some form of discount, you include the hashtag #discounts.

You can then click a #discounts hashtag link to view a list of all messages in otherwise unrelated Conversations that contain the hashtagged term.

Adding Hashtags

You can add one or more hashtags to any message (comments, replies, and document messages) simply by typing "#" before a term. When you start typing a hashtag by typing "#" plus at least one letter, existing hashtags (ones that have been used before) appear for you to select from.


  • You can include the following characters in a hashtag: A through Z, a through z, 0 through 9 and _.

  • A hashtag can be a maximum of 25 characters (not including the "#").

Viewing Hashtags

Wherever you see them, hashtagged terms are clickable and will open a hashtag page where all messages that include that hashtag are shown. So clicking #discounts in any Conversation opens a #discounts page which shows any message that you have access to that includes the discounts hashtag.