How do I view a file?

There are several ways to view a file:

  • To open a preview of the file in Oracle Social Network, click the file's thumbnail.

    To see a full-screen preview of the file, click Expanded View under the document, or, while viewing the document, click Expanded View button.


    • When you preview the file in Oracle Social Network, you can add annotations to the file. For more information, see How do I annotate a document?

    • Document previews are limited to the first 100 pages of a document.

    • The list of file types you can preview is long, but there are some file types you can't preview, like an archive or executable file. Oracle Social Network supports adding these types of files but not previewing them. For these file types, you can download the file and open it on your computer.

  • To download a file and open it on your computer, click Download under the document.

To view a list of all documents and folders in a Conversation or wall, click the Documents tab.