How do I annotate a document?

Annotations are graphic markers and review remarks you can add to a document preview. You can place annotations in a document preview wherever you want them. For example, using annotations you can add a pushpin marker to a document preview, and enter a comment about the document right where the pushpin is placed. Each person's annotations appear in a unique color, making it easy to follow who said what.

  1. Open the document preview (see How do I view a file?).

    Note: Document previews are limited to the first 100 pages of a document.

  2. Select a tool from the Tools menu.

    Table 7-1 Annotation Tools

    Tool Usage


    Select None when you want to move through the document without annotating text.

    Pushpin tool

    Use the Pushpin tool to post an annotation to a pinpointed location.

    Pen tool

    Use the Pen tool to create a free-form mark on the material you're annotating.

    Highlighter tool

    Use the Highlighter tool to highlight one line of the material you're annotating.

    Rectangle tool

    Use the Rectangle tool to draw a rectangle over the material you're annotating.

    Ellipse tool

    Use the Ellipse tool to draw a circle over the material you're annotating.


    • The icon to the left of the Tools menu shows the tool that is currently selected.

    • If you don't see the Tools menu at the top of a document on a person's wall, the person does not allow other people to post annotations to his or her personal documents.

  3. Click or highlight the text you want to annotate.
    • For the pushpin, click the location you want to annotate.

    • For the drawing tools, drag them to surround or highlight the text you want to annotate. Drawing tools include the pen, the highlighter, the rectangle, and the ellipse.

    A dialog opens where you can enter your remarks.

  4. In the dialog, enter a remark.
  5. Click Continue to continue annotating the document.
  6. When you're finished adding annotations, at the top of the preview, click Publish.

Example 7-1 Associating Multiple Annotations

You can mark several disconnected sections of text and combine them into a single annotation. After adding the first mark, with the annotation box still open, use the selected tool to make additional marks on the same page (you can't join marks on multiple pages). After you add an annotation message and click Continue, the application draws a larger box around all the marks, and ties the single annotation message to all of them.