How do I view document annotations?

Annotations provide a way to comment on a document. You can view annotations when previewing the document.

  1. Open the document preview. For more information, see How do I view a file?

    Note: Document previews are limited to the first 100 pages of a document.

  2. Optionally, filter your view of annotations by user. Click the annotations drop-down list to select All Annotations, No Annotations, or a particular person.

    Each person who adds annotations is automatically assigned a color. When viewing all annotations, you can tell which annotations were added by the same person because they are all in the same color.

  3. Click an annotation to view it.

    While viewing the annotation, you can reply to it, like it, add it as a favorite, or add a flag to it, just like any other message.

Document annotations are also listed in the Conversation or on the wall where the document was uploaded. From there you can click the annotation to navigate to it in the document preview.