Using the Overview Panel in Oracle Social Network Desktop

The Overview panel provides a view of recent activity across Oracle Social Network. On the Overview panel, you see only the information you're interested in (that you have access to). For example, you see messages only from Conversations that you're a member of and walls of people you're following.

  1. Click Overview tab in the sidebar to open the Overview panel.

  2. Use the Options menu (Options menu icon) to adjust your view:

    • Only Unread—When selected, view only the Conversations and walls you're a member of that have unread messages.

    • Message Preview—When selected, shows a preview of the latest message posted to each Conversation and wall you're a member of.

    Note: These options are saved and applied whenever you view the Overview.

Double-click a message or reply to view it in the Conversation or wall.

If there are more than two replies, you can also click See <x> more replies to view the replies in the Conversation or wall.

Click the Conversation or wall name to go to the bottom of the Conversation or the top of the wall.

Right-click a message to access a menu of useful actions.