Using Flags in Oracle Social Network Desktop

This section describes how to use flags from your desktop:

What are flags?

Note: For detailed information about flags, including explanations of what the different flag icons mean, see What do the flag icons mean?

Every message posted to a Conversation or wall shows a flag icon that tells you instantly whether a flag is assigned on the message. For example:

  • If the flag icon is hollow (No flags currently assigned icon), then no flag is assigned on the message.

  • If the flag icon is not hollow (Flags assigned to others icon)—that is, it's a solid color, possibly with secondary marker on it—then one or more flags are assigned on the message.

There are several types of flags:

  • For Your Information—Look at this when you have the time.

  • Please Reply—Look at this, and let me know what you think.

  • Please Reply - Urgent—Look at this now, and let me know what you think immediately. (An email notification is always sent for Please Reply - Urgent flags.)

To get more information about a flag, you can either mouse over the flag to see a tooltip (for example, "For Your Information flag for another from Name.") or click the flag icon, then click Manage Flags to see all the flag assignments.

Where can I see all my flags?

  1. Click Flags tab in the sidebar to open the Flags panel, where you can see a list of all the flags assigned to you, all the flags you assigned, or a subset of these.

    Note: The number displayed on the flag icon in the sidebar shows how many flags are assigned to you.

  2. Use the Options menu (Conversation Options icon) to filter and sort the list:
    • Flags for You—Flags assigned to you.

    • Flags You Assigned—Flags assigned by you.

    • Please Reply - Urgent, Please Reply, and For Your Information—Filter by flag type. The number to the right of the flag type shows how many of that type of flag is on the list.

    • Sort By—Sort the messages by message date in ascending or descending order. For flags assigned to you, you can also sort by the date the flag was assigned.

      Note: Your sort settings are saved and applied whenever you view the Flags panel.

    • Flagged For/Flagged By—Filter by the person you assigned the flag to or who assigned the flag to you.

Click a message to view it in its associated Conversation or wall.

How do I assign or clear flags?

To manage flags on an individual message:

  1. While viewing the message in the Overview panel (click Overview tab in the sidebar), the Flags panel (click Flags tab in the sidebar), or the Detail window (see How do I open an item?), click the flag icon next to the message.

  2. Assign or clear flags:

    • To remove a flag assigned to you, click Clear.

    • To quickly assign a For Your Information flag to someone, click the flag next to the person.

    • To assign a particular flag to someone, select the type of flag in the drop-down list next to the person.

    • To quickly flag everyone, click Flag All (in the Not Flagged section), and select the type of flag you want to assign.

    • To quickly remove all flags (whether assigned by you or not), click Clear All (in the Others Flagged section).

    • To remove a particular flag, click Clear flag button next to the person.

    • To search for someone, enter part of the person's name in the search box.

Note: Although you can remove existing Please Reply and Please Reply - Urgent flags in closed Conversations, you can't assign new ones. You can assign only For Your Information flags in closed Conversations. For information on closing or reopening a Conversation, see How do I close or reopen an item?

To clear flags assigned to you on one or more messages from the Flags panel:

  1. Click Flags tab in the sidebar to open the Flags panel.
  2. If necessary, select a view from the Options menu (Conversation Options icon): Flags for You or Flags You Assigned.
  3. Select the flags you want to clear (using Ctrl+click or Shift+click), then click Clear My Flags icon (at the top of the Flags panel).

    Any flags assigned to you in the selected messages are cleared.