Using Favorites in Oracle Social Network Desktop

This section describes how to use favorites from your desktop:

How do I mark an item as a favorite?

Marking an item as a favorite is an easy way to keep track of the items you use most frequently.

To mark an item as a favorite, click Add to Favorites icon next to the item. Click the star again to unmark it.

How do I view my favorites?

  1. Click Favorites icon in the sidebar to open the Favorites panel, where you can see a list of items you've marked as favorites.

  2. Use the Options menu (Conversation Options icon) to filter the list by item type (for example, messages or Conversations).

    You can also sort the list by the date the favorite was added or by the item name, in ascending or descending order.

    Note: Your sort settings are saved and applied whenever you view the Favorites panel.

Alternatively, you can view your favorites in an object panel:

  1. Click the appropriate icon in the sidebar to open the object panel. For example, click Conversations tab to open the Conversations panel.

    For a description of the icons in the sidebar, see What is the sidebar?

  2. In the Options menu (Conversation Options icon), select Favorites.