Monitor Customer Quality Feedback

You'll want to know how your customers feel about the quality of their engagements with your associates. To that end, Oracle Live Experience lets you enable post-engagement quality ratings, prompting a user to specify a simple bad, good, or excellent quality by clicking/tapping on a simple emojii. You can monitor engagement survey data in Live Experience Reports and use it as a search criteria in Live Experience Engagement History as well.

Enable Post-Engagement Quality Surveys

Call quality refers to the quality of the audio/video stream not the quality of the associate/customer interaction.

To enable post-engagement quality surveys:

  1. Open the Live Experience Admin Console. Go to either:


      or, for EMEA customers


  2. From the navigation menu, click Application, then select the application for which you'd like to enable quality tracking from the drop down list, and then select the Engagement Quality tab.

    (For details on Live Experience applications, see Manage Your Applications).

  3. Click the Monitor Call Quality button to On and choose the percentage of calls you'll like to survey. 0 percent means no calls are surveyed while 100 percent means all calls are surveyed. You can choose any percentage you require.

  4. Click Save to save your changes.

If you enable engagement quality surveys for a percentage of engagements between 0 and 100 percent, your customers are randomly chosen for an engagement survey after a call ends. The higher the percentage, the more likely any given customer will receive the quality survey prompt.

Engagement Quality Ratings in Mobile Apps

In your mobile application, when presented with the call quality survey, a customer can click a reaction emoji, Bad, Good, or Excellent, and submit their response:

Engagement Quality Ratings in Web Apps

As with mobile apps, after a web meeting concludes, a customer is asked to rate the call quality with Bad, Good, and Excellent reaction emoji and submit their response:

Engagement Quality Metrics

You can track your quality metrics in the Live Experience reporting module, and see rating trends over time as well as the number of Bad, Good, and Excellent ratings for any given data point:

For more details, see Live Experience Metrics Explained.

Understand Engagement Quality Issues

Using the Live Experience Engagements module you can search for engagements using call quality as a criteria. You can then investigate various calls to see if you can determine the reasons for lower quality ratings and determine actionable remedies.

See Searching for Recorded Engagements for more information about searching for engagements.

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