Oracle Live Experience

October 2020

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Oracle Live Experience helps your customers connect with you, when they need to, in a modern and proactive way, leveraging tools and technologies present on their mobile devices.

Live Experience is the remedy for dreadful telephone IVR routing and call center experiences. Live Experience is shown to improve customer satisfaction and retention by 50%, and decrease operational costs by 15%.

Use Live Experience's visual engagement tools like two-way video, screen sharing, and annotation to quickly resolve customer support issues -- even really hard issues -- the first time.

What's New

In-Channel Messaging

Live Experience associates can send short bits of text directly to customers. No SMS integration needed! It's perfect for sending links and short pieces of information. See Manage Engagement Scenarios and Using the Live Experience Associate Desktop for complete details.

Updated Associate Experience for Creating and Joining Live Experience Meetings

Live Experience associates can expect an improved and steamlined experience when setting up and joining Live Experience meetings. See Using the Live Experience Associate Desktop for the latest info.

Retrieve Jumio Verification Result and Reference Code from ID Verification Engagements

You can design your ID verification implementation to listen for the Jumio verification result and reference code. You can use the reference code in your web and mobile apps to better leverage the Jumio API! See Verifying Your Customer's Identity Using Live Experience.

Browser Support for Microsoft Edge

Live Experience associate and customer experiences are tested and certified on the new Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge. See Live Experience Requirements for a complete support matrix.

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