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June 2020

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Oracle Live Experience helps your customers connect with you, when they need to, in a modern and proactive way, leveraging tools and technologies present on their mobile devices.

Live Experience is the remedy for dreadful telephone IVR routing and call center experiences. Live Experience is shown to improve customer satisfaction and retention by 50%, and decrease operational costs by 15%.

Use Live Experience's visual engagement tools like two-way video, screen sharing, and annotation to quickly resolve customer support issues -- even really hard issues -- the first time.

What's New

Set Up In-Channel ID Verification for Your Website

You can now add in-channel ID verification workflows to Live Experience on your website, so that you can use your website to verify a customer's identity and confirm the authenticity of their official documents. See Verifying Your Customer's Identity Using Live Experience. (In-channel ID verification is already available for Live Experience on iOS and Android.)

Reporting Enhancements

Live Experience reports are enhanced with a new default reporting period for the last 24 hours (this is in addition to periods for the last seven days, last 30 days, and last 90 days). Also, download team and engagement reports as CSV files. See Viewing Live Experience Reports and Viewing Reports About Your Tenants.

Let Your Customers Request a Callback

Instead of making your customers wait in a call queue for an availble associate, offer them the opportunity to request a callback instead. See Manage Engagement Scenarios.

Log Callbacks as Incidents in Service Cloud, as Service Requests in Engagement Cloud

If you've added the Live Experience service to your Service Cloud or Engagement Cloud, you can log customer callback requests in your CRM's system. See Add Live Experience to an Existing Service Cloud Site and Add Live Experience to an Existing Engagement Cloud Instance.

Recording Engagements with Annotations

By popular demand: the engagement recording feature now records all customer and associate annotations to the video recording. See Engage Your Customers Visually with Annotations and Manage Recordings Options.

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