Oracle Live Experience

November 2019

Modernizing Customer Engagements

Oracle Live Experience enables businesses to maximize customer lifetime value with personalized, proactive, and contextual in-app digital engagements.

Live Experience lets you easily:

Latest Live Experience Feature Articles

With each release we'll post new Live Experience feature articles and deep dives here, so check back often!

Add Live Experience to Other Tools and Applications

Add Live Experience to Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Engagement Cloud, Siebel CRM, and Zendesk.

Make Annotations on Customer Videos

Annotate on video and screen sharing calls. For extra control, freeze the video and annotate on a still image. It's perfect for troubleshooting hardware challenges.

Engage Your Customers By Calling Them Directly

Enable your associates to call your customers directly, right from the Associate Desktop.

Configure the Live Experience Mobile iOS Component Using Objective-C

Use the Objective-C programming language to extend your iOS mobile app to include and configure the Live Experience Mobile Component. The Live Experience iOS SDK continues to support the Swift programming language.

Using Live Experience with Zendesk

Learn how quickly you can add Live Experience, along with all its powerful engagement features, into Zendesk.

Manage Your Own Live Experience Tenants

As an Oracle Live Experience distribution partner, you're able to create and delete tenants for your own customers quickly and easily through the Partner Administration Console.

View Reports About Your Live Experience Tenants

As an Oracle Live Experience distribution partner, you can view reports about your customers who are your Live Experience tenants.

Engage Your Customers with SMS

Enable your associates to engage your customers with SMS messages directly from Live Experience.

In-Channel ID Verification

Your customers can use your mobile app to apply for products and services; they can use your mobile app to have their official documents authenticated, and you can use a Live Experience video call to verify their identity!

Get the Live Experience Mobile Associate App

The Mobile Associate App, available for Android mobile devices, lets you answer Live Experience calls anytime, anywhere.

Configure the PSTN Service

Configure Live Experience to receive calls from PSTN phone numbers and route them to your associates.

Customize and Localize the Messages and Text in Live Experience

Learn how to localize and customize strings for the mobile/web component, the Associate Desktop, the Admin Console, and the meeting app.

Control Availability for Your Applications, Teams, and Associates

Live Experience lets you handle associate availability at the application and team level, as well as letting associates control their own availability status.

Live Experience Short Codes: What are They and How do They Work?

Explore Live Experience short codes and how you can use them in your engagement workflows.

Searching for Recorded Engagements

Learn how you can search and review your recorded engagements using Live Experience's flexible and easy to use search interface.

Customize the Appearance of Live Experience

Learn how you can customize Live Experience with your own corporate branding and style.

Audio Transcriptions: Create Text Records of Your Engagements

Transcribe recorded audio for your engagements into text. Add custom keywords, tag engagements and see your keywords highlighted in engagement transcripts.

Live Experience Engagement Scenarios: Choosing the Right Digital Channels for the Job

Proactively engage with customers in a personalized way tailored to their unique journey and requirements. Provide the channels they need without overburdening them with those they don't, and ensure an optimal customer experience.

Hands On: Managing Live Experience Users and Teams

Empower your associates by assigning them the right roles for the job, and combine them into teams with shared queues to encourage collaboration.

Focus Your Resources: Get Your Customers to the Right Team with the Right Skills

Guide your customers to the right team using Live Experience's context based routing, and then ensure they're matched with the right associate with the right skills.

Use Live Experience to Engage Customers on Your Web Site

See how the Live Experience web component can help you engage customers directly from your web site.

Live Experience Customer Data Collection and Management

Learn about Live Experience features that can help you deal with data collection and management issues.

Live Experience Metrics Explained

Take a deep dive into Live Experience metrics.

Monitor Metrics that Matter to You at a Glance

Learn about the Live Experience overview dashboard that provides up to the minute views of your most critical metrics.

Team Performance Report

Optimize your team scheduling by tracking trends in the utilization of your associates and ensuring you are never over or under staffed. Ensure your team's performance by tracking key metrics such as average response time and drilling down to individual associate performance.

Have One on One Meetings with Your Customers

Quickly generate prescheduled meetings with a seamless single click to join experience for your associates and customers.