Oracle Live Experience

October 2019

Add Oracle Live Experience to Your Web App

The Live Experience web component lets you quickly and easily integrate Live Experience features into your own web application, with a minimum of code, and with the following functionality:

Add Live Experience Features

Follow these steps to add Live Experience Features to your web application:

  1. Set up your Application Environment

    Before you get started, you'll need to make sure you've got your development environment correctly configured.

  2. Authenticate with Oracle Live Experience

    Before you can access Live Experience features, you'll need to handle user authentication as well as authentication with Live Experience.

  3. Configure the Live Experience Web Component

    You'll need to specify just a bit of configuration information, and add an element or two to get the Live Experience web component working in your web application.

  4. Add Origin Domains

    List all the domains where you will be deploying the Live Experience Web Component.

Browse the Live Experience JavaScript API Reference

You can take a look at the detailed Live Experience JavaScript API here..

Tailor and Localize Live Experience Messages for Your Environment

Learn how you can customize and localize Live Experience messages.