Oracle Live Experience

November 2019

Reporting and Metrics

Learn about Live Experience's extensive metrics gathering and reporting functionality.

Live Experience Metrics Explained

Take a deep dive into Live Experience metrics.

Monitor Metrics that Matter to You at a Glance

Learn about the Live Experience overview dashboard that provides up to the minute views of your most critical metrics.

Team Performance Report

Optimize your team scheduling by tracking trends in the utilization of your associates and ensuring you are never over or under staffed. Ensure your team's performance by tracking key metrics such as average response time and drilling down to individual associate performance.

Call Quality Tracking

Survey your customers letting them rate the audio/video call quality with a simple, non-intrusive user experience. Track and respond to changes in call quality in a timely fashion via Live Experience engagement reports.

Monitor Your Tenants' Metrics

View metrics and reports about your tenants service usage.

Get Metrics Using the REST API

Use the REST API to get exactly the stats you want using the metrics endpoint.