Oracle Live Experience

November 2019

Customer Engagements

Live Experience lets you customize every aspect of user engagement, from the digital channels to use to extensive context and skills based routing.

Live Experience Engagement Scenarios: Choosing the Right Digital Channels for the Job

Proactively engage with customers in a personalized way tailored to their unique journey and requirements. Provide the channels they need without overburdening them with those they don't, and ensure an optimal customer experience.

Take Control of Engagement Routing: Customizing Customer Context

Use Live Experience context attributes to completely customize the routing of your engagements.

Hands On: Managing Live Experience Users and Teams

Empower your associates by assigning them the right roles for the job, and combine them into teams with shared queues to encourage collaboration.

Focus Your Resources: Get Your Customers to the Right Team with the Right Skills

Guide your customers to the right team using Live Experience's context based routing, and then ensure they're matched with the right associate with the right skills.

Searching for Recorded Engagements

Learn how you can search and review your recorded engagements using Live Experience's flexible and easy to use search interface.

Audio Transcriptions: Create Text Records of Your Engagements

Transcribe recorded audio for your engagements into text. Add custom keywords, tag engagements and see your keywords highlighted in engagement transcripts.