Application Placement Policies

A resource can be started on any server, subject to the placement policies, the resource start dependencies, and the availability of the action script on that server.

The PLACEMENT resource attribute determines how Oracle Clusterware selects a server on which to start a resource and where to relocate the resource after a server failure. The HOSTING_MEMBERS and SERVER_POOLS attributes determine eligible servers to host a resource and the PLACEMENT attribute further refines the placement of resources.

See Also:

Oracle Clusterware Resource Reference for more information about the HOSTING_MEMBERS and SERVER_POOLS resource attributes

The value of the PLACEMENT resource attribute determines how Oracle Clusterware places resources when they are added to the cluster or when a server fails. Together with either the HOSTING_MEMBERS or SERVER_POOLS attributes, you can configure how Oracle Clusterware places the resources in a cluster. When the value of the PLACEMENT attribute is:

  • balanced: Oracle Clusterware uses any online server pool for placement. Less loaded servers are preferred to servers with greater loads. To measure how loaded a server is, Oracle Clusterware uses the LOAD resource attribute of the resources that are in an ONLINE state on the server. Oracle Clusterware uses the sum total of the LOAD values to measure the current server load.

  • favored: If a value is assigned to either of the HOSTING_MEMBERS, SERVER_POOLS, or SERVER_CATEGORY resource attributes, then that value expresses a preference. If HOSTING_MEMBERS is populated and either SERVER_POOLS or SERVER_CATEGORY is set, then HOSTING_MEMBERS indicates placement preference and SERVER_POOLS or SERVER_CATEGORY indicates a restriction. For example, the resource has a policy that sets the value of PLACEMENT to favored, SERVER_CATEGORY is set to Hub, and HOSTING_MEMBERS is set to server_name1. In this case, Oracle Clusterware restricts the placement of to the servers in the Hub category and then it prefers the server known as server_name1.

  • restricted: Oracle Clusterware only considers servers that belong to server pools listed in the SEVER_POOLS resource attribute, servers of a particular category as configured in the SERVER_CATEGORY resource attribute, or servers listed in the HOSTING_MEMBERS resource attribute for resource placement. Only one of these resource attributes can have a value, otherwise it results in an error.