crsctl eval add server

Use the crsctl eval add server command to simulate the addition of a server without making changes to the system. This command may be useful to cluster administrators.


crsctl eval add server server_name [-file file_path] | [-attr "attr_name=attr_value[,...]"]
    [-admin [-l level [-x] [-a]] [-f]


Table E-37 crsctl eval add server Command Parameters

Parameter Description

The name of the server you want to add.

-file file_path

Fully-qualified path to a file containing server attributes.


The name of a server attribute that Oracle Clusterware uses to manage the server preceded by the -attr flag.

See Also: "Server Category Attributes" for information about server attributes


A value for the server attribute.

Note: The attribute_name and attribute_value parameters must be enclosed in double quotation marks ("") and separated by commas. For example:

-admin [-l level] [-x] [-a]

If you specify this parameter, then CRSCTL displays output for the cluster administrator.

If you specify the -l parameter, then you can choose one of the following three output levels:

  • serverpools: Restricts the output to servers running in a server pool

  • resources: Restricts the output to resources running on servers in a server pool

  • all: Displays all available output

If you specify the -x parameter, then CRSCTL displays the differences.

If you specify the -a parameter, then CRSCTL displays all resources.

Note: To specify either the -l, -x, or -a parameters, or any combination of the three, you must specify the -admin parameter.


If you specify this parameter, then CRSCTL predicts the effects of forcibly adding a server.

See Also:

Adding and Deleting Cluster Nodes for more information about adding servers


The following example predicts how the system reacts when you add a server called mjkeenan-node-3:

# crsctl eval add server mjkeenan-node-3 -admin -l resources -a
Name           Target  State        Server                   Effect                
Local Resources
               ONLINE  ONLINE       mjkeenan-node-0
               ONLINE  ONLINE       mjkeenan-node-1
Cluster Resources
      1        ONLINE  ONLINE       mjkeenan-node-1
      2        ONLINE  ONLINE       mjkeenan-node-0
      1        ONLINE  ONLINE       mjkeenan-node-3          Started