Upgrading an Oracle ASM Instance with ASMCA

Oracle ASM Configuration Assistant also enables you to upgrade an existing Oracle ASM instance to the current software level. However, the recommended practice is to upgrade an Oracle ASM instance with Oracle Universal Installer (OUI). OUI automatically defaults to upgrade mode when it detects an Oracle ASM instance at a previous release level.

If Oracle Clusterware has been upgraded, then there is no need to upgrade the Oracle ASM instance in that Oracle Grid Infrastructure home. Oracle ASM is usually upgraded as part of the Oracle Clusterware upgrade.

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The procedure described in this section upgrades the Oracle ASM instance only. Oracle Database, and Oracle Enterprise Manager, will not have the latest features. To upgrade Oracle Database, see Oracle Database Upgrade Guide.

Figure 9-3 Oracle ASM Configuration Assistant Upgrade ASM Page

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After upgrading an Oracle ASM instance, you can copy or move an Oracle ASM SPFILE. After copying or moving the SPFILE, you must restart the instance with the SPFILE in the new location to use that SPFILE. For information, see "About Backing Up_ Copying_ and Moving an Oracle ASM Initialization Parameter File".

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