About Backing Up, Copying, and Moving an Oracle ASM Initialization Parameter File

You can back up, copy, or move an Oracle ASM SPFILE with the ASMCMD spbackup, spcopy, or spmove commands. In addition, you can use the SQL CREATE SPFILE to create an Oracle ASM SPFILE when connected to the Oracle ASM instance.

You can also copy and move an Oracle ASM PFILE with the commands available on the specific platform, such as cp for Linux.

After copying or moving an SPFILE or PFILE, you must restart the instance with the SPFILE or PFILE in the new location to use that SPFILE or PFILE.

This section contains the following topics:

For information about ASMCMD commands for managing an SPFILE, see "spbackup", "spcopy", and "spmove".

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