Convert to Oracle Flex ASM

-convertToFlexASM converts Oracle ASM to Oracle Flex ASM


asmca -silent
         -asmNetworks interface_name/subnet, interface_name/subnet... 
         -asmListenerPort ASM_listener_port_number

Table 9-2 contains the options available with the -convertToFlexASM command.

Table 9-2 Options for the -convertToFlexASM command

Option Description


Specifies a comma-delimited list of Oracle ASM networks. Each network is of the form interface_name/subnet. Specify the subnet, not the IP address for this option


Specifies the Oracle ASM listener port number.

This functionality is only available in an Oracle Grid Infrastructure configuration, not an Oracle Restart configuration.

For additional options that are common to multiple commands, see Table 9-1.


To convert Oracle ASM to Oracle Flex ASM:

Example 9-1 Using asmca -silent -convertToFlexASM

asmca -silent
          -asmNetworks eth1/
          -asmListenerPort 1521