About Monitoring Oracle RAC Environments

Web-based Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control enables you to monitor an Oracle RAC database. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control is a central point of control for the Oracle environment that you access by way of a graphical user interface (GUI). See "Monitoring Oracle RAC and Oracle Clusterware" and the Oracle Database 2 Day + Real Application Clusters Guide for detailed information about using Oracle Enterprise Manager to monitor Oracle RAC environments.

Also, note the following recommendations about monitoring Oracle RAC environments:

  • Use Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to initiate cluster database management tasks.

  • Use Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to administer multiple or individual Oracle RAC databases.

  • Use the global views (GV$ views), which are based on V$ views. The catclustdb.sql script creates the GV$ views. Run this script if you do not create your database with DBCA. Otherwise, DBCA runs this script for you.

    For almost every V$ view, there is a corresponding global GV$ view. In addition to the V$ information, each GV$ view contains an extra column named INST_ID, which displays the instance number from which the associated V$ view information was obtained.

  • Use the sophisticated management and monitoring features of the Oracle Database Diagnostic and Tuning packs within Oracle Enterprise Manager that include the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) and Automatic Workload Repository (AWR).


    Although Statspack is available for backward compatibility, Statspack provides reporting only. You must run Statspack at level 7 to collect statistics related to block contention and segment block waits.

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