Default: The default is departition when partition names are specified on the TABLES parameter and TRANPORTABLE=ALWAYS is set (whether on the import operation or during the export). Otherwise, the default is none.


Specifies how table partitions should be created during an import operation.

Syntax and Description


A value of none creates tables as they existed on the system from which the export operation was performed. You cannot use the none option or the merge option if the export was performed with the transportable method, along with a partition or subpartition filter. In such a case, you must use the departition option.

A value of departition promotes each partition or subpartition to a new individual table. The default name of the new table will be the concatenation of the table and partition name or the table and subpartition name, as appropriate.

A value of merge combines all partitions and subpartitions into one table.

Parallel processing during import of partitioned tables is subject to the following:

  • If a partitioned table is imported into an existing partitioned table, then Data Pump only processes one partition or subpartition at a time, regardless of any value that might be specified with the PARALLEL parameter.

  • If the table into which you are importing does not already exist and Data Pump has to create it, then the import runs in parallel up to the parallelism specified on the PARALLEL parameter when the import is started.


  • If the export operation that created the dump file was performed with the transportable method and if a partition or subpartition was specified, then the import operation must use the departition option.

  • If the export operation that created the dump file was performed with the transportable method, then the import operation cannot use PARTITION_OPTIONS=MERGE.

  • If there are any grants on objects being departitioned, then an error message is generated and the objects are not loaded.


The following example assumes that the sh.sales table has been exported into a dump file named sales.dmp. It uses the merge option to merge all the partitions in sh.sales into one non-partitioned table in scott schema.

> impdp system TABLES=sh.sales PARTITION_OPTIONS=MERGE 
DIRECTORY=dpump_dir1 DUMPFILE=sales.dmp REMAP_SCHEMA=sh:scott

See Also:

"TRANSPORTABLE" for an example of performing an import operation using PARTITION_OPTIONS=DEPARTITION