Default: ALL


Enables you to filter what is loaded during the import operation.

Syntax and Description

  • ALL loads any data and metadata contained in the source. This is the default.

  • DATA_ONLY loads only table row data into existing tables; no database objects are created.

  • METADATA_ONLY loads only database object definitions; no table row data is loaded. Be aware that if you specify CONTENT=METADATA_ONLY, then any index or table statistics imported from the dump file are locked after the import operation is complete.


  • The CONTENT=METADATA_ONLY parameter and value cannot be used in conjunction with the TRANSPORT_TABLESPACES (transportable-tablespace mode) parameter or the QUERY parameter.

  • The CONTENT=ALL and CONTENT=DATA_ONLY parameter and values cannot be used in conjunction with the SQLFILE parameter.


The following is an example of using the CONTENT parameter. You can create the expfull.dmp dump file used in this example by running the example provided for the Export FULL parameter. See "FULL".

> impdp hr DIRECTORY=dpump_dir1 DUMPFILE=expfull.dmp CONTENT=METADATA_ONLY

This command will execute a full import that will load only the metadata in the expfull.dmp dump file. It executes a full import because that is the default for file-based imports in which no import mode is specified.