Adds additional files or substitution variables to the export dump file set.

Syntax and Description

ADD_FILE=[directory_object:]file_name [,...]

Each file name can have a different directory object. If no directory object is specified, then the default is assumed.

The file_name must not contain any directory path information. However, it can include a substitution variable, %U, which indicates that multiple files may be generated using the specified file name as a template.

The size of the file being added is determined by the setting of the FILESIZE parameter.


The following example adds two dump files to the dump file set. A directory object is not specified for the dump file named hr2.dmp, so the default directory object for the job is assumed. A different directory object, dpump_dir2, is specified for the dump file named hr3.dmp.

Export> ADD_FILE=hr2.dmp, dpump_dir2:hr3.dmp

See Also:

"File Allocation" for information about the effects of using substitution variables