Default: FALSE


The SKIP_INDEX_MAINTENANCE parameter specifies whether to stop index maintenance for direct path loads.

Syntax and Description


If set to TRUE, this parameter causes the index partitions that would have had index keys added to them to instead be marked Index Unusable because the index segment is inconsistent with respect to the data it indexes. Index segments that are unaffected by the load retain the state they had before the load.


  • Applies to both local and global indexes

  • Can be used (with the PARALLEL parameter) to do parallel loads on an object that has indexes

  • Can be used (with the PARTITION parameter on the INTO TABLE clause) to do a single partition load to a table that has global indexes

  • Puts a list (in the SQL*Loader log file) of the indexes and index partitions that the load set to an Index Unusable state


  • The SKIP_INDEX_MAINTENANCE parameter does not apply to conventional path loads.

  • Indexes that are unique and marked Unusable are not allowed to skip index maintenance. This rule is enforced by DML operations, and enforced by the direct path load to be consistent with DML.


The following example stops index maintenance from taking place during a direct path load operation: