Default: 256000


The STREAMSIZE parameter specifies the size (in bytes) of the data stream sent from the client to the server.

Syntax and Description


The STREAMSIZE parameter specifies the size of the direct path stream buffer. The number of column array rows (specified with the COLUMNARRAYROWS parameter) determines the number of rows loaded before the stream buffer is built. The optimal values for these parameters vary, depending on the system, input data types, and Oracle column data types used. When you are using optimal values for your particular configuration, the elapsed time in the SQL*Loader log file should go down.


  • The STREAMSIZE parameter applies only to direct path loads.

  • The minimum value for STREAMSIZE is 65536. If a value lower than 65536 is specified, then 65536 is used instead.


The following example specifies a direct path stream buffer size of 300,000 bytes.