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Specifies that you want to perform an export in transportable-tablespace mode.

Syntax and Description

TRANSPORT_TABLESPACES=tablespace_name [, ...]

Use the TRANSPORT_TABLESPACES parameter to specify a list of tablespace names for which object metadata will be exported from the source database into the target database.

The log file for the export lists the data files that are used in the transportable set, the dump files, and any containment violations.

The TRANSPORT_TABLESPACES parameter exports metadata for all objects within the specified tablespaces. If you want to perform a transportable export of only certain tables, partitions, or subpartitions, then you must use the TABLES parameter with the TRANSPORTABLE=ALWAYS parameter.


You cannot export transportable tablespaces and then import them into a database at a lower release level. The target database must be at the same or later release level as the source database.


  • Transportable tablespace mode does not support encrypted columns.

  • Transportable tablespace jobs are not restartable.

  • Transportable tablespace jobs are restricted to a degree of parallelism of 1.

  • Transportable tablespace mode requires that you have the DATAPUMP_EXP_FULL_DATABASE role.

  • The default tablespace of the user performing the export must not be set to one of the tablespaces being transported.

  • The SYSTEM and SYSAUX tablespaces are not transportable in transportable tablespace mode.

  • All tablespaces in the transportable set must be set to read-only.

  • If the Data Pump Export VERSION parameter is specified along with the TRANSPORT_TABLESPACES parameter, then the version must be equal to or greater than the Oracle Database COMPATIBLE initialization parameter.

  • The TRANSPORT_TABLESPACES parameter cannot be used in conjunction with the QUERY parameter.

  • Transportable tablespace jobs do not support the ACCESS_METHOD parameter for Data Pump Export.


The following is an example of using the TRANSPORT_TABLESPACES parameter in a file-based job (rather than network-based). The tablespace tbs_1 is the tablespace being moved. This example assumes that tablespace tbs_1 exists and that it has been set to read-only. This example also assumes that the default tablespace was changed before this export command was issued.

> expdp hr DIRECTORY=dpump_dir1 DUMPFILE=tts.dmp