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Specifies that you want to perform a tablespace-mode import.

Syntax and Description

TABLESPACES=tablespace_name [, ...]

Use TABLESPACES to specify a list of tablespace names whose tables and dependent objects are to be imported from the source (full, schema, tablespace, or table-mode export dump file set or another database).

During the following import situations, Data Pump automatically creates the tablespaces into which the data will be imported:

  • The import is being done in FULL or TRANSPORT_TABLESPACES mode

  • The import is being done in table mode with TRANSPORTABLE=ALWAYS

In all other cases, the tablespaces for the selected objects must already exist on the import database. You could also use the Import REMAP_TABLESPACE parameter to map the tablespace name to an existing tablespace on the import database.

The use of filtering can restrict what is imported using this import mode. See "Filtering During Import Operations".


  • The length of the list of tablespace names specified for the TABLESPACES parameter is limited to a maximum of 4 MB, unless you are using the NETWORK_LINK parameter to a or earlier database or to a read-only database. In such cases, the limit is 4 KB.


The following is an example of using the TABLESPACES parameter. It assumes that the tablespaces already exist. You can create the expfull.dmp dump file used in this example by running the example provided for the Export FULL parameter. See "FULL".

> impdp hr DIRECTORY=dpump_dir1 DUMPFILE=expfull.dmp TABLESPACES=tbs_1,tbs_2,tbs_3,tbs_4

This example imports all tables that have data in tablespaces tbs_1, tbs_2, tbs_3, and tbs_4.