Extracts ADR-related metadata from a package file and displays it.

Syntax and Description

ips get metadata {from file filename | from adr}

filename is a package zip file. The metadata in a package file (stored in the file metadata.xml) contains information about the ADR home, ADR base, and product.

Use the from adr option to get the metadata from a package zip file that has been unpacked into an ADR home using IPS UNPACK.

The from adr option requires an ADR home to be set.


This example displays metadata from a package file:

ips get metadata from file /home/steve/ORA603_20060906165316_COM_1.zip

This next example displays metadata from a package file that was unpacked into the directory /scratch/oracle/package1:

set base /scratch/oracle/package1
ips get metadata from adr

In this previous example, upon receiving the SET BASE command, ADRCI automatically adds to the homepath the ADR home that was created in /scratch/oracle/package1 by the IPS UNPACK FILE command.

See Also:

"IPS UNPACK FILE" for more information about unpacking package files