Default: y

Specifies how Export and Import manage the initial extent for table data.

The default, COMPRESS=y, causes Export to flag table data for consolidation into one initial extent upon import. If extent sizes are large (for example, because of the PCTINCREASE parameter), then the allocated space will be larger than the space required to hold the data.

If you specify COMPRESS=n, then Export uses the current storage parameters, including the values of initial extent size and next extent size. The values of the parameters may be the values specified in the CREATE TABLE or ALTER TABLE statements or the values modified by the database system. For example, the NEXT extent size value may be modified if the table grows and if the PCTINCREASE parameter is nonzero.

The COMPRESS parameter does not work with bitmapped tablespaces.


Although the actual consolidation is performed upon import, you can specify the COMPRESS parameter only when you export, not when you import. The Export utility, not the Import utility, generates the data definitions, including the storage parameter definitions. Therefore, if you specify COMPRESS=y when you export, then you can import the data in consolidated form only.


Neither LOB data nor subpartition data is compressed. Rather, values of initial extent size and next extent size at the time of export are used.