Redefines the maximum size of subsequent dump files. If the size is reached for any member of the dump file set, then that file is closed and an attempt is made to create a new file, if the file specification contains a substitution variable or if additional dump files have been added to the job.

Syntax and Description

FILESIZE=integer[B | KB | MB | GB | TB]

The integer can be immediately followed (do not insert a space) by B, KB, MB, GB, or TB (indicating bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, and terabytes respectively). Bytes is the default. The actual size of the resulting file may be rounded down slightly to match the size of the internal blocks used in dump files.

A file size of 0 is equivalent to the maximum file size of 16 TB.


  • The minimum size for a file is ten times the default Data Pump block size, which is 4 kilobytes.

  • The maximum size for a file is 16 terabytes.


Export> FILESIZE=100MB