Interactive Mode

If you prefer to be prompted for the value of each parameter, then you can simply specify either exp at the command line. You will be prompted for a username and password.

Commonly used parameters are then displayed. You can accept the default value, if one is provided, or enter a different value. The command-line interactive method does not provide prompts for all functionality and is provided only for backward compatibility. If you want to use an interactive interface, then Oracle recommends that you use the Oracle Enterprise Manager Export Wizard.

Restrictions When Using Export's Interactive Method

Keep in mind the following points when you use the interactive method:

  • In user mode, Export prompts for all usernames to be included in the export before exporting any data. To indicate the end of the user list and begin the current Export session, press Enter.

  • In table mode, if you do not specify a schema prefix, then Export defaults to the exporter's schema or the schema containing the last table exported in the current session.

    For example, if beth is a privileged user exporting in table mode, then Export assumes that all tables are in the beth schema until another schema is specified. Only a privileged user (someone with the EXP_FULL_DATABASE role) can export tables in another user's schema.

  • If you specify a null table list to the prompt "Table to be exported," then the Export utility exits.