Initialization Parameters That Affect Data Pump Performance

The settings for certain Oracle Database initialization parameters can affect the performance of Data Pump Export and Import. In particular, you can try using the following settings to improve performance, although the effect may not be the same on all platforms.




The following initialization parameters must have values set high enough to allow for maximum parallelism:




Additionally, the SHARED_POOL_SIZE and UNDO_TABLESPACE initialization parameters should be generously sized. The exact values depend upon the size of your database.

Setting the Size Of the Buffer Cache In a Streams Environment

Oracle Data Pump uses Streams functionality to communicate between processes. If the SGA_TARGET initialization parameter is set, then the STREAMS_POOL_SIZE initialization parameter is automatically set to a reasonable value.

If the SGA_TARGET initialization parameter is not set and the STREAMS_POOL_SIZE initialization parameter is not defined, then the size of the streams pool automatically defaults to 10% of the size of the shared pool.

When the streams pool is created, the required SGA memory is taken from memory allocated to the buffer cache, reducing the size of the cache to less than what was specified by the DB_CACHE_SIZE initialization parameter. This means that if the buffer cache was configured with only the minimal required SGA, then Data Pump operations may not work properly. A minimum size of 10 MB is recommended for STREAMS_POOL_SIZE to ensure successful Data Pump operations.