Creates a report for the specified report type and run ID and stores the report in the ADR. Currently, only the hm_run (Health Monitor) report type is supported.


Results of Health Monitor runs are stored in the ADR in an internal format. To view these results, you must create a Health Monitor report from them and then view the report. You need create the report only once. You can then view it multiple times.

Syntax and Description

create report report_type run_name

report_type must be hm_run. run_name is a Health Monitor run name. Obtain run names with the SHOW HM_RUN command.

If the report already exists it is overwritten. Use the SHOW REPORT command to view the report.

This command does not support multiple ADR homes.


This example creates a report for the Health Monitor run with run name hm_run_1421:

create report hm_run hm_run_1421


CREATE REPORT does not work when multiple ADR homes are set. For information about setting a single ADR home, see "Setting the ADRCI Homepath Before Using ADRCI Commands".