What Is the Import Utility?

The Import utility reads object definitions and table data from dump files created by the original Export utility. The dump file is in an Oracle binary-format that can be read only by original Import.

The version of the Import utility cannot be earlier than the version of the Export utility used to create the dump file.

Table Objects: Order of Import

Table objects are imported as they are read from the export dump file. The dump file contains objects in the following order:

  1. Type definitions

  2. Table definitions

  3. Table data

  4. Table indexes

  5. Integrity constraints, views, procedures, and triggers

  6. Bitmap, function-based, and domain indexes

The order of import is as follows: new tables are created, data is imported and indexes are built, triggers are imported, integrity constraints are enabled on the new tables, and any bitmap, function-based, and/or domain indexes are built. This sequence prevents data from being rejected due to the order in which tables are imported. This sequence also prevents redundant triggers from firing twice on the same data (once when it is originally inserted and again during the import).