Specifying Parameters on the Command Line

When you start SQL*Loader, you specify parameters to establish various characteristics of the load operation. You can separate the parameters by commas.

> sqlldr CONTROL=ulcase1.ctl
Username: scott
Password: password

Specifying by position means that you enter a value, but not the parameter name. In the following example, the username scott is provided and then the name of the control file, ulcase1.ctl. You are prompted for the password:

> sqlldr scott ulcase1.ctl
Password: password

Once a parameter name is used, parameter names must be supplied for all subsequent specifications. No further positional specification is allowed. For example, in the following command, the CONTROL parameter is used to specify the control file name, but then the log file name is supplied without the LOG parameter. This would result in an error even though the position of ulcase1.log is correct:

> sqlldr scott CONTROL=ulcase1.ctl ulcase1.log

Instead, you would need to enter the following:

> sqlldr scott CONTROL=ulcase1.ctl LOG=ulcase1.log

See Also:

"Command-Line Parameters for SQL*Loader" for descriptions of all the command-line parameters