Row Errors

If a row is rejected due to an integrity constraint violation or invalid data, then Import displays a warning message but continues processing the rest of the table. Some errors, such as "tablespace full," apply to all subsequent rows in the table. These errors cause Import to stop processing the current table and skip to the next table.

A "tablespace full" error can suspend the import if the RESUMABLE=y parameter is specified.

Failed Integrity Constraints

A row error is generated if a row violates one of the integrity constraints in force on your system, including:

  • NOT NULL constraints

  • Uniqueness constraints

  • Primary key (not null and unique) constraints

  • Referential integrity constraints

  • Check constraints

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Invalid Data

Row errors can also occur when the column definition for a table in a database is different from the column definition in the export file. The error is caused by data that is too long to fit into a new table's columns, by invalid data types, or by any other INSERT error.