The condition_spec is an expression that evaluates to either true or false. It specifies one or more conditions that are joined by Boolean operators. The conditions and Boolean operators are evaluated from left to right. (Boolean operators are applied after the conditions are evaluated.) Parentheses can be used to override the default order of evaluation of Boolean operators. The evaluation of condition_spec clauses slows record processing, so these clauses should be used sparingly. The syntax for condition_spec is as follows:

Note that if the condition specification contains any conditions that reference field names, then the condition specifications are evaluated only after all fields have been found in the record and after blank trimming has been done. It is not useful to compare a field to BLANKS if blanks have been trimmed from the field.

The following are some examples of using condition_spec:

empid = BLANKS OR last_name = BLANKS
(dept_id = SPORTING GOODS OR dept_id = SHOES) AND total_sales != 0

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