Default: none

Specifies a file to receive index-creation statements.

When this parameter is specified, index-creation statements for the requested mode are extracted and written to the specified file, rather than used to create indexes in the database. No database objects are imported.

If the Import parameter CONSTRAINTS is set to y, then Import also writes table constraints to the index file.

The file can then be edited (for example, to change storage parameters) and used as a SQL script to create the indexes.

To make it easier to identify the indexes defined in the file, the export file's CREATE TABLE statements and CREATE CLUSTER statements are included as comments.

Perform the following steps to use this feature:

  1. Import using the INDEXFILE parameter to create a file of index-creation statements.

  2. Edit the file, making certain to add a valid password to the connect strings.

  3. Rerun Import, specifying INDEXES=n.

    (This step imports the database objects while preventing Import from using the index definitions stored in the export file.)

  4. Execute the file of index-creation statements as a SQL script to create the index.

    The INDEXFILE parameter can be used only with the FULL=y, FROMUSER, TOUSER, or TABLES parameters.