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Changes the name of the source data file to the target data file name in all SQL statements where the source data file is referenced: CREATE TABLESPACE, CREATE LIBRARY, and CREATE DIRECTORY.

Syntax and Description


Remapping data files is useful when you move databases between platforms that have different file naming conventions. The source_datafile and target_datafile names should be exactly as you want them to appear in the SQL statements where they are referenced. Oracle recommends that you enclose data file names in quotation marks to eliminate ambiguity on platforms for which a colon is a valid file specification character.

Depending on your operating system, the use of quotation marks when you specify a value for this parameter may also require that you use escape characters. Oracle recommends that you place this parameter in a parameter file, which can reduce the number of escape characters that might otherwise be needed on the command line.

You must have the DATAPUMP_IMP_FULL_DATABASE role to specify this parameter.


Suppose you had a parameter file, payroll.par, with the following content:


You can then issue the following command:

> impdp hr PARFILE=payroll.par

This example remaps a VMS file specification (DR1$:[HRDATA.PAYROLL]tbs6.dbf) to a UNIX file specification, (/db1/hrdata/payroll/tbs6.dbf) for all SQL DDL statements during the import. The dump file, db_full.dmp, is located by the directory object, dpump_dir1.