Default: none

Specifies a list of user names whose schemas will be targets for Import. The user names must exist before the import operation; otherwise an error is returned. The IMP_FULL_DATABASE role is required to use this parameter. To import to a different schema than the one that originally contained the object, specify TOUSER. For example:

imp FROMUSER=scott TOUSER=joe TABLES=emp

If multiple schemas are specified, then the schema names are paired. The following example imports scott's objects into joe's schema, and fred's objects into ted's schema:

imp FROMUSER=scott,fred TOUSER=joe,ted

If the FROMUSER list is longer than the TOUSER list, then the remaining schemas will be imported into either the FROMUSER schema, or into the importer's schema, based on normal defaulting rules. You can use the following syntax to ensure that any extra objects go into the TOUSER schema:

imp FROMUSER=scott,adams TOUSER=ted,ted

Note that user ted is listed twice.

See Also:

"FROMUSER" for information about restrictions when using FROMUSER and TOUSER