Monitoring the Progress of Executing Jobs

Data Pump operations that transfer table data (export and import) maintain an entry in the V$SESSION_LONGOPS dynamic performance view indicating the job progress (in megabytes of table data transferred). The entry contains the estimated transfer size and is periodically updated to reflect the actual amount of data transferred.

Use of the COMPRESSION, ENCRYPTION, ENCRYPTION_ALGORITHM, ENCRYPTION_MODE, ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD, QUERY, and REMAP_DATA parameters are not reflected in the determination of estimate values.

The usefulness of the estimate value for export operations depends on the type of estimation requested when the operation was initiated, and it is updated as required if exceeded by the actual transfer amount. The estimate value for import operations is exact.

The V$SESSION_LONGOPS columns that are relevant to a Data Pump job are as follows:

  • USERNAME - job owner

  • OPNAME - job name

  • TARGET_DESC - job operation

  • SOFAR - megabytes transferred thus far during the job

  • TOTALWORK - estimated number of megabytes in the job

  • UNITS - megabytes (MB)

  • MESSAGE - a formatted status message of the form:

    'job_name: operation_name : nnn out of mmm MB done'