Migrating Data Across Partitions and Tables

If you specify a partition name for a composite partition, then all subpartitions within the composite partition are used as the source.

In the following example, the partition specified by the partition name is a composite partition. All of its subpartitions will be imported:

imp SYSTEM FILE=expdat.dmp FROMUSER=scott TABLES=b:py

The following example causes row data of partitions qc and qd of table scott.e to be imported into the table scott.e:

imp scott FILE=expdat.dmp TABLES=(e:qc, e:qd) IGNORE=y

If table e does not exist in the import target database, then it is created and data is inserted into the same partitions. If table e existed on the target system before import, then the row data is inserted into the partitions whose range allows insertion. The row data can end up in partitions of names other than qc and qd.


With partition-level Import to an existing table, you must set up the target partitions or subpartitions properly and use IGNORE=y.