Default: AUTO


The DEGREE_OF_PARALLELISM parameter specifies the degree of parallelism to use for the load.

Syntax and Description


If a degree-num is specified, then it must be a whole number value from 1 to n.

If DEFAULT is specified, then the default parallelism of the database (not the default parameter value of AUTO) is used.

If AUTO is used, then the Oracle database automatically sets the degree of parallelism for the load. This is also the default if the DEGREE_OF_PARALLELISM parameter is not specified at all.

If NONE is specified, then the load is not performed in parallel. A value of NONE is the same as a value of 1.

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  • The DEGREE_OF_PARALLELISM parameter is ignored if you force the load method to be conventional or direct path (the NONE option is used). Any time you specify the DEGREE_OF_PARALLELISM parameter, for any value, you receive a message reminding you of this.

  • If the load is a default external tables load and an error occurs that causes SQL*Loader express mode to use direct path load instead, then the job is not performed in parallel, even if you had specified a degree of parallelism or had accepted the external tables default of AUTO. A message is displayed alerting you to this change.


The following example loads the data without using parallelism: