Using Interactive Mode to Stop and Reattach to a Job

To start this example, reexecute the parallel full export in Example 2-5. While the export is running, press Ctrl+C. This will start the interactive-command interface of Data Pump Export. In the interactive interface, logging to the terminal stops and the Export prompt is displayed.

After the job status is displayed, you can issue the CONTINUE_CLIENT command to resume logging mode and restart the expfull job.


A message is displayed that the job has been reopened, and processing status is output to the client.

Example 2-6 Stopping and Reattaching to a Job

At the Export prompt, issue the following command to stop the job:

Are you sure you wish to stop this job ([y]/n): y

The job is placed in a stopped state and exits the client.

Enter the following command to reattach to the job you just stopped: