Default: 0


Specifies the frequency at which the job status will be displayed.

Syntax and Description


If you supply a value for integer, it specifies how frequently, in seconds, job status should be displayed in logging mode. If no value is entered or if the default value of 0 is used, then no additional information is displayed beyond information about the completion of each object type, table, or partition.

This status information is written only to your standard output device, not to the log file (if one is in effect).


The following is an example of using the STATUS parameter. You can create the expfull.dmp dump file used in this example by running the example provided for the Export FULL parameter. See "FULL".

> impdp hr NOLOGFILE=YES STATUS=120 DIRECTORY=dpump_dir1 DUMPFILE=expfull.dmp

In this example, the status is shown every two minutes (120 seconds).